Scarlett Hutchinson

I’m deeply passionate about wildlife and nature photography, with a special affinity for
urban foxes. Growing up in the Northumberland countryside I sadly never saw a fox.
However, my fascination with these creatures persisted. It wasn’t until I moved to London
that I had my first encounter with an urban fox.

My photographic journey began in the world of photojournalism. My work focused on
human and animal rights. I documented various social campaigns, demonstrations, political
and royal engagements. Following this, I decided to focus on what I felt deeply passionate
about, and started spending long hours daily, observing foxes in their natural urban habitat,
learning about their behaviour, personalities and their social interactions with each other
and humans.

Through my lens, I aim to showcase their resilience and grace while celebrating the
existence of these remarkable creatures, hidden in plain sight.

Instagram: Scarlett_hutchinson_photos

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