Stewart Cowie

35 years ago my father gifted me a point and click Olympus film camera and left me to it. Instead of using my head or books and devoid of the undiscovered internet I relied purely on my eyes and feelings. I began to look! I stopped and really focussed on the little things. A colour, a texture, a mood, a smile, an atmosphere and anything else that made me stop and think, or should I say feel?

I discovered another world. One which allowed me to breath and take stock. One that ignited my creativity. Opportunities to relax and slow down soon became my escape from a busy world. Photography became my therapy.

A 30 year career in education brought with it the pressures and stresses endured by all who work in the public sector. Grabbing pockets of time and opportunities whenever possible to escape into nature and walking with my camera have undoubtedly helped me to deal with the burden of repetitive routine and workload. Often I will find myself “Lost” somewhere in the wilderness watching and listening to the natural world. It slows my mind down and regulates my breathing bringing me a sense of peace. Worries and problems melt away and the time and space remind me to focus on the here and now. I remember that I cannot control everything going on around me and therefore I do not need to occupy my mind and feelings with these things. I feel free, and all will be good.



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