Stephane Leblon

Stephane is a French contemporary portrait photographer. After graduating from the Institute of Photography a few years ago, he realised that connecting with people and changing the way they look at themselves through beautiful photographs was the exciting way forward for his craft. Stephane covers very different fields of portraiture yet every field has the same emphasis on people and portraits. He has been published in various magazines in Surrey.
Stephane works with digital as well as film cameras, he loves this raw and nostalgic, atmospheric feel that certain film stocks can give to a portrait.

Recently Stephane has developed a keen interest in narrative and conceptual portrait photography, and worked on a personal project that he named “The Kowid Diary” that depicts the various state of mind, emotions, struggles, deep feelings and hope that have taken place since the beginning of the pandemic, through photographs shot on both digital and film cameras.

That is the narrative story shown at the London Photo Show 2020.

For more of Stephane’s work please visit:

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