Thomas was born in Carlisle and started doing photography at the age of 17. He then went on to study photography at university in Newcastle. Once graduating, Thomas worked in the photojournalism industry for 5 years as a Press Photographer, covering the whole North West of the UK. Throughout his life, Thomas has always had a passion for capturing moments in time through street photography and being able to convey through photos, topics he is interested and fascinated in much better that you could do through words. He enjoys shooting in different locations across Europe, the North of England and in his current location of London, since moving there 3 years ago. Thomas feels his best street photography work comes about from being in busy, hectic and bustling environments.

Seeing and hearing people’s reaction to photographs he’s taken and the different emotion they conjure up, is what continues to fuel the fire in him to keep going out every week with his camera and photograph, whether that be on 35mm film or digital cameras.

Instagram – @tommytemps


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