Video – How To Maximise The Value Of Your Print Sales

How to Make Money Selling Prints: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital age, turning your art into a profitable venture has never been easier. If you’re a photographer looking to monetise your creativity, selling prints can be a lucrative opportunity. This video will walk you through everything you need to know to start making money by selling prints of your artwork.

Discover the Secrets to Maximizing the Value of Your Print Sales

Recently, Nancy Janes from Hahnemühle led an insightful session on enhancing the value of print sales. This video session delves into several key areas:

– The Power of Your Brand: Building a strong personal brand can significantly impact the perceived value of your prints. Nancy discusses how consistent branding and professional presentation can attract more buyers and justify higher prices.

– Effective Promotion: Learn the best strategies for promoting your prints. From social media marketing to participating in art fairs, discover how to get your work in front of the right audience.

– Paper Choice: The type of paper you use can greatly affect the quality and value of your prints. Nancy explains the different types of paper available and how to choose the best one for your artwork.

– Limited Editions: Creating limited edition prints can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among buyers. Understand how to effectively number and market limited editions to enhance their value.

– Certificates of Authenticity: Adding a certificate of authenticity to your prints can further elevate their perceived value. Learn how to create and include these certificates to build trust with your customers.

Command Higher Prices for Your Prints

Nancy Janes, an industry expert with years of experience in business development, shares valuable insights and strategies to help you command higher prices for your prints. Her video is packed with practical tips to enhance the perceived value of your creations.

Steps to Start Selling Prints

1. Create High-Quality Digital Files: Ensure you have high-resolution images so you can create big enough prints. 

2. Choose the Right Printing Method: Decide between giclée, inkjet and other methods based on your budget and the type of prints you want to offer.

3. Select the Best Paper and Inks: As discussed, the choice of paper and inks can significantly impact the final product. Invest in high-quality materials to ensure your prints are durable and vibrant.

4. Set Up an Online Store: Platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and Big Cartel make it easy to sell prints online. Ensure your store is well-organised and visually appealing.

5. Market Your Prints: Utilise social media, email newsletters, and online communities to promote your prints. Collaborate with influencers and participate in online art fairs to reach a broader audience.

6. Offer Customisation Options: Allowing customers to choose different sizes or framing options can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Respond promptly to inquiries, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and ensure your prints are packaged securely for shipping.


Selling prints is a fantastic way to generate income and reach a wide audience. By following the insights and strategies shared by Nancy Janes, you can enhance the value of your prints and command higher prices. Remember, the key to success is combining high-quality products with effective branding and promotion. 

For more detailed strategies and tips, be sure to watch the full video session led by Nancy Janes of Hahnemühle. Gain firsthand knowledge from an industry expert and take your print sales to the next level.

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