Virginia Orr is an artist using photography as her medium. She’s come late to her creative practice, only really getting to grips with a lifelong desire to express herself as she turned 60. As a fledgling artist she is currently experimenting and hopes to deepen her practice next year with some formal guidance.

The series of flowers on the cusp of going over are inspired by classical botanical illustrations and the Japanese art and aesthetics of wabi-sabi -a view centred on the acceptance of imperfection and finding beauty in decay. A reflection and interpretation of the ageing process and how it is perceived in Western society. Flowers are shot against a black background isolating the subject creating a sense of drama, highlighting intricate details, textures and the impact of imminent decay.

The series of foliage images seeks to illustrate how artificial light in the dark can transform natural elements into something slightly otherworldly. As night fell, I noticed how artificial light illuminates and highlights features in unexpected ways contrasting sharply with natural darkness. This interplay between artificial light in the darkness and the subject it falls on offers new ways of seeing familiar environments. The unnatural brightness disrupts natural rhythms and expectations and evokes a surreal sometimes cinematic quality that feels disconnected from reality. Nothing in these images was created, I simply captured what I saw.

I am drawn to black as a background, whether natural or created. I like the stark contrast and sometimes dramatic effect they create. Historically, they were used in portraiture to highlight faces and expressions. Over time, their use has expanded to still life and abstract photography, enhancing depth, mystery, and focus, offering and evoking a powerful visual impact.

I print on Hanhemühle Photo Rag paper, no mounts, matt black frames, and no glass. These are all conscious decisions to enhance the unusual and to draw the view into the image.



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