Greg Brennan

These never before seen images are the work of veteran press photographer Greg Brennan.

In his 30 years in the business Greg has covered the world’s biggest news stories and captured the planet’s most famous and infamous icons at their most candid. Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton and the Queen are among those who have personally requested copies of his portraits.

If you would like to see more of Greg’s work follow his Instagram feed @Brennanpix. You can also email him directly on or phone him on 07930 877317.


Katerina Poulea

Katerina Poule works and lives in Athens, Greece.

She has been a photographer since the age of 10… a long time ago…

Katerina started photo-shooting with film cameras, and she loves all the kind of lenses and bodies.

“Photography” is coming from the greek word FOS, means LIGHT and it is Katerina’s passion, how to control it in order to take the best shot.

She believes that every photo comes alive only if you print it…

So why does Katerina love photo exhibitions so much?


Guillaume Descamps

Guillaume Descamps is an amateur photographer from France.

Guillaume discovered photography during the few years he spent in London, first in order to share his day to day routine with friends and family back home and then discovering with the time all the possibilities a camera can offer he spent more and more of his spare time playing with the world around him through my camera lens.

Guillaume enjoys playing with architecture and reflection but he soon developed a keen interest in night long exposure, the theme he chose for the 2019 London Photo Show.


Andreja Grasic

Andreja Grasic trained as a teacher, and with her first pay check she bought herself a camera and her love of taking photographs just grew from there.

In 2016, Andreja moved to London – for a fresh start, and a new adventure. She loves to observe the world and life. It is full of fleeting moments connected together, to form our lives.

With photography she can capture those moments and make them lasting. Andreja loves to capture true emotions in her photos, that are spontaneous, natural, intimate, sincere and raw.


Hugh Holmes

Hugh Holmes has been passionate about photography for many many years.

After completing a City and Guilds Photography back in 2001, Hugh has been been capturing memories from both around the world and closer to home. Travel photography and studio work are Hugh’s passions and as with most photographers / artists, he is forever trying to find that elusive shot.

For more information, please email or visit


Laura Atzori

Born in south Sardinia, Italy, Laura Atzori discovered the photography world when she was eight years old when, in the primary school, one of her teachers show the whole process to transform negatives in prints.

For long time Laura didn’t pay attention to photography until she started her architecture degree in the University of Cagliari. Feeling trapped by the buildings she noticed that she was spending more time taking photos of them than making layouts and plans. She starts to study all the photographic techniques few years ago in Cagliari, and she found her way in black and white photos. She is not focused in a photographic genre yet, she uses all of them to explain feelings without words, whit a strong introspective view.


Nathalie Chace

This photograph is a single exposure, with minimal edit in Lightroom.

Reflections create a new dimension, naturally juxtaposing people and their surroundings, just for a fraction of a second, and Nathalie Chace loves trying to capture these fleeting moments and rarely leave home without her camera.

A selection of Nathalie’s work will be on show at the After Nyne Gallery in Holland Park, 22 to 29 October.

To view more of Nathalie’s work, please visit or @natchace on Instagram.


Kesha Patel

Kesha Patel is an amateur photographer, who is passionate about urban, landscape and portrait photography.

One year ago, Kesha brought her first DSLR camera for a course at British Academy of Photography.

Since then, Kesha has also completed a few workshops with 36exp which taught her a lot about exposure and lighting.

To view more of Kesha’s photos, please email or visit @kphotographylondon


Bloss Spink

Bloss Spink has been keen on photography since the mid 1980’s but had a huge gap due to family.

It was rekindled in 2010, since then I have had tuition from Andrew Newson and have just fell deeper into the art and freedom of photography.

Bloss makes no claims about being great at the technical side but she does know when she likes what she sees and from this Wonders Without Words came.

For more information, please visit or email


Alistair Macnaughton

Alistair Macnaughton is a Scottish photographer based in London.

Alistair’s images are inspired by rural and cosmopolitan themes; from wild horses on the Gower Peninsula and abandoned objects and relics on the Isle of Mull, to abstractions from modern architecture and collaborations with actors, performers and artists from around the world.

Ideas of transience and the beauty of imperfection have a significant influence. Alistair’s method is spontaneous, instinctive and mainly manual.

Alistair’s work was most recently recognised by inclusion into The Leica Meet and their ‘A Selection of Excellence 2016’ collection. And a solo exhibition at THE LAST SUPPER gallery in London in October 2017.