My photography aims to capture oddities in the ordinary and give a voice to unseen details (often holding an energy of their own).

I am particularly drawn to juxtaposition and infusion of a subtle sense of humour. I love how the terrestrial can transform itself into extraterrestrial; street photography becomes abstraction and vice versa.

My eyes seek out authentic moments where reality takes on a surreal twist, allowing my mind to experience, for a fraction of a second, answers to BIG questions. Irony, largely underrated, plays an essential role in my life and works.

When I manage to translate this into my work, I get a sense of accomplishment that is most fulfilling.

I hope for my photographs to achieve a joyful and profound human connection. These perspectives are nurtured and inspired by the works of the great Elliott Erwitt, Richard Kalvar and Gueorgui Pinkhassov.


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