Maximise The Value Of Your Print Sales


Maximise The Value Of Your Print Sales

Join us for an exclusive online workshop hosted by Hahnemühle’s UK&I Managing Director and General Manager, Nancy Janes.


Discover the secrets to maximising the value of your prints by creating limited editions with Certificates of Authenticity.

In this interactive session, delve into the power of Certificates of Authenticity and how they can elevate the value of your artwork.

Learn how to leverage the prestige of Hahnemühle paper and its archival properties to command higher prices for your prints.


Giorgia Cheli

My photography aims to capture oddities in the ordinary and give a voice to unseen details (often holding an energy of their own).

I am particularly drawn to juxtaposition and infusion of a subtle sense of humour. I love how the terrestrial can transform itself into extraterrestrial; street photography becomes abstraction and vice versa.

My eyes seek out authentic moments where reality takes on a surreal twist, allowing my mind to experience, for a fraction of a second, answers to BIG questions. Irony, largely underrated, plays an essential role in my life and works.

When I manage to translate this into my work, I get a sense of accomplishment that is most fulfilling.

I hope for my photographs to achieve a joyful and profound human connection. These perspectives are nurtured and inspired by the works of the great Elliott Erwitt, Richard Kalvar and Gueorgui Pinkhassov.



Sophie de Serdieu

I used to be an art dealer…Now I travel to remote places around the world
I took these photos in Odisha on the east coast of India…



Thomas Temple

Thomas was born in Carlisle and started doing photography at the age of 17. He then went on to study photography at university in Newcastle. Once graduating, Thomas worked in the photojournalism industry for 5 years as a Press Photographer, covering the whole North West of the UK. Throughout his life, Thomas has always had a passion for capturing moments in time through street photography and being able to convey through photos, topics he is interested and fascinated in much better that you could do through words. He enjoys shooting in different locations across Europe, the North of England and in his current location of London, since moving there 3 years ago. Thomas feels his best street photography work comes about from being in busy, hectic and bustling environments.

Seeing and hearing people’s reaction to photographs he’s taken and the different emotion they conjure up, is what continues to fuel the fire in him to keep going out every week with his camera and photograph, whether that be on 35mm film or digital cameras.

Instagram – @tommytemps



Rod Higginson

Rod was born in in Liverpool, England in 1954 and lived in Southport until the age of 21. He began taking photographs age 9 with a Box Brownie and a Kodak Instamatic, but became serious about photography after purchasing his first Leica, a D-Lux 2. He has used M9, M240 Monochrome, M10, Q and now the M10 Monochrome.

Rod has lived, travelled and worked in Brighton, Israel, Denmark, and London, before moving to his beloved Somerset where he now lives with his partner. Being outdoors has always been essential to his everyday life and work, and informs his photography. The breadth of subject matter and raw material Somerset offers – coastline, Exmoor, ancient buildings and land, churches and the local inhabitants and craftsmen – have all been captured by Rod’s lens.

Rod has always preferred to shoot in black and white, feeling it complements his subject matter and allows the viewer to enter his world where shadow and light convey more accurately what he sees through his lens.

Recently Rod has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease that demands he adapts his methods without losing the essential spontaneous elements of the work. In some ways this has enhanced his skill as he is forced to slow down, and to intensify his focus in the moment in order to compensate.

Instagram: @rod.hig


London Photo Show 2023 Opening Night

Opening its doors to exhibitors and their guests on a crisp November evening, th opening night of the 2023 London Photo Show ignited a wave of excitement and creativity that reverberated throughout the atmospheric rooms of the Bargehouse.

For the exhibitors, the opening night is a momentous occasion to showcase their dedication, commitment, and talent. Surrounded by the support of family and friends, they reveled in the opportunity to unveil their images on the walls of the gallery.

The night served as a melting pot of artistic camaraderie, fostering connections and collaborations among  photographers. Amidst the displays exhibitors forged new friendships and rekindled old bonds.


Vitor Lopes

Vitor Lopes, a talented Portuguese photographer now residing in London, is making waves in the world of photography. Although he is relatively new to the craft, his passion for art has been a lifelong pursuit. Excitingly, Vitor will be unveiling his debut masterpiece, titled “Passion,” at the highly anticipated London Photo Show 2023.            




Nic Arnold

London-based portrait photographer using modern digital techniques to create timeless images.

All prints from the exhibition are for sale.

100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE UKRAINIAN NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE IN KYIV, UKRAINE ( This hospital does amazing work caring for children and adults with cancer. Since the start of the war with Russia, it has also been inundated with wounded soldiers, stretching its capacity to bursting. Donations are needed to purchase critical medicines to support this hospital’s continued support for all Ukrainians.



Samantha Chippington

As an amateur architecture photographer with an eye for the urban landscape, I am passionate about documenting the ever-evolving cityscapes and the intricate relationship between architecture and urban regeneration. With my pictures, I strive to capture the transformative power of architecture in reshaping our cities and the stories that they tell.

My journey into photography, which started with travel and wildlife, has more recently grown into a fascination with the built environment. I often explore the streets of London, marvelling at the blend of historical and contemporary structures that shape the city’s identity. I find beauty in the intricate details of skyscrapers, the symmetry of bridges and staircases, and the interplay of light and shadows within the cityscape. For me, the city is a living canvas, continually evolving with the passage of time. I enjoy the ingenious modern designs that breathe new life into neglected neighbourhoods. Every photograph I take is an interpretation of the city’s resilience and its ability to adapt and grow.

Living in London, I am able to capture pictures of iconic architecture and urban regeneration projects and I enjoy exploring the ever-changing landscapes. When I joined the ‘Renewal’ project group, I naturally gravitated to the regeneration in central London and the renewal I see on my walk to work. My focus, for now, are the cranes that tower over the skies around me. With time, I look forward to capturing the new shapes and styles that grow from such simple concrete seeds.

Instagram: samchippington_pictures